October 30, 2013

Pay Per Call Lead Generation

The Power of SEO & Lead Generation

A.K.A.  Get The Phone To Ring Program

After all, what good does a page one ranking website do if it does not produce more leads for your business?

red arrow right - lead generation

Lead generation can be accomplished by many different ways. Our experience with lead generation customers is that they all have one thing in common - the more leads the better.

That is exactly what we can provide. We make your phone ring!

Our online lead generation program is for you.... if you have a reputable business and the staff that can answer incoming calls and emails (daily).

It includes the following:

  • New leads by phone and email.
  • Multiple Page One listing for many different keywords.
  • Social media advertising to help you reach your local market on Facebook
  • PPC advertising to get the process started while the search engines begin to rank your site.
  • Call tracking and monitoring so you can see how many calls are coming in.
  • Google maps optimization to give you top placement for local searches.

You get to keep your current web design and development company. No need to ruffle any feathers or ruin your established relationships. Everything we create (websites/web properties/videos/etc) will belong to us.

You will just have exclusive rights to 100% of the leads they generate.

To get the phone ringing to your business and start seeing more clients/customers, please fill out the Discovery Form or call us directly at (865) 224-3040.